Heart of a Hero

At the saloon Frank and Abigail take in a friendly game of darts. Before making her first attempt, Frank gives Abigail a few pointers on making a good throw. Her first try lands slightly off to the side, but is still respectable. Her second throw lands directly in the center of the bullseye. Frank’s eyes widen as he remarks, “That’s what I call beginner’s luck.” When her third throw hits the bullseye, Abigail coyly tells Frank, “I never said I was a beginner.” With date jitters now gone, the two proceed to enjoy the remainder of their evening. As Frank escorts Abigail home they both remark on how much fun they both had. Then, starring into each other’s eyes, Frank leans forward and kisses Abigail. They both then smile at each other with a look of joy and relief. Abigail says good night and walks into the cafe.

As she enters the cafe, Abigail wears a schoolgirl smile. But, as she turns, a voice says, “You’re back late.” She turns to see Bill Avery sitting at one of her café tables. Abigail responds, telling Bill “I didn’t know I had a curfew.” Bill then tells Abigail that he has concerns about Abigail’s relationship with Frank. Unmoved, Abigail defends her decision to date Frank and insists, even with the Garrison gang after him, that she and the town need to stand by him. As the two argue a loud crash erupts from behind Abigail. She turns to see a window smashed and a large rock with the name “Matt Landry” scrawled across it. Bill runs outside but the gangsters have fled into the night.

The next day in the saloon, Jack, Bill, and Mayor Gowen rally the townsmen to discuss what their next move should be. While the mayor and some of the men want to grab their guns and overwhelm the gang, Jack appeals to calmer heads and orders the men to leave the criminals to the experts. For now, the men decide to double the patrols and report any suspicious activity to Jack and Bill. As the men fall out Bill approaches Frank and demands that he keep away from Abigail. Frank is hesitant at first but in the interest of keeping Abigail safe, he agrees to keep his distance.

Later that night, as Clara makes her way through town, a voice calls out to her from the shadows. It’s Jesse and he has an urgent warning. The gang is coming for Frank and they will kill him if he doesn’t go with them. Clara tells him to pass the information along to Jack, but Jesse plans on running. Angered, Clara tells him that he has to stand up and fight, otherwise he will be running from the law and the Garrisons for the rest of his life. She then tells him that she believes in him and that he can make a better life for himself in Hope Valley.

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