Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Heart of a Hero

Later that night at the café, Abigail prepares for an evening out with Frank Hogan. With Elizabeth’s help, she searches for the right dress and for a way to calm her nerves. Frank’s past still ways heavily on her conscious and, to make matters worse, Cody is starting to act out again. Looking to Abigail as a mother figure is also making Cody resentful of the time she spends with Frank. Elizabeth does her best to intercede, but it does little to quell Cody’s growing attachment to Abigail.

Nearby Jack makes his way to the stagecoach depot to await the arrival of Dr. Burns. However, when the coach carrying Dr. Burns arrives, it’s not the doctor who Jack sees, but a surprisingly familiar face. Faith Carter treated Jack’s brother after the car accident in Hamilton. Faith now works for Dr. Burns in Union City and, since the doctor was unavailable to travel, he sent Faith in his place. As Jack escorts Faith to her quarters she reveals that she’s now engaged to a banker and living in Union City. She eagerly asks about Jack’s relationship with Elizabeth and is thrilled to learn that they returned to Hope Valley together.

Upstairs in the saloon, Rosemary is doing her best to aid in Lee’s recovery. The effort, while appreciated, is not doing anyone any good. When Jack arrives with Faith, Rosemary mood decidedly changes from eager to jealous. Faith goes about her duties and tends to Lee’s wounds all the while doing her best to appease Rosemary’s overbearing personality. She ultimately has to send Rosemary out of the room in order to see to Lee’s injured foot.

Later in the day, while picking up supplies at the mercantile, Faith has her first encounter with Elizabeth. While both women know of each other through Jack, this is the first time they’ve met face to face. Seeing the pretty young nurse in Hope Valley immediately gives Elizabeth pause, but once she hears that Faith is treating Lee and that she has a fiancé in Union City, her fears immediately evaporate.