Sunday February 24 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Heart of a Hero

In the days since Pastor Hogan revealed his criminal past, life in Hope Valley has almost returned to normal. Elizabeth spends her free time working on a book, chronicling her adventures on the frontier, while Abigail has begun to spend more time getting to know the real Frank Hogan.

Just outside of town, school is in session and the students listen with excitement as Elizabeth announces that the class will be taking part in a spelling competition. The news sets the class aflutter and they all begin planning their own winning strategies. Anna, one of Cody’s classmates, says she’s going to get her mom to help her study. Cody plan is to get Ms. Abigail to help him, but when he tells Anna, she snidely tells him “it’s not the same.” She then points out that Ms. Abigail isn’t his real family and doesn’t love him the way her mother loves her. Anna’s words cut through Cody, leaving him numb and stunned.

In a clearing in woods a more nefarious group is making their own set of plans. Despite the gang’s smear campaign, the residents of Hope Valley still refuse to shun Frank Hogan. Without a powder man to blow the safe, the gang has few options to pull of the gold heist. Jesse suggests the gang move on and all go their separate ways. Jake responds by threatening Jesse’s life and reminding him that he’s not going anywhere until Jake says so.

Back at the saloon, an upstairs room is being turned into a makeshift hospital. Lee lies in the bed as Jack wraps bandages around his foot. A cable broke loose at the mill, slashing Lee’s foot and bringing production to a halt. Jack does his best to apply first aid, but the injury is more severe than he can handle and he insists they summon the doctor from Union City. In the meantime, Lee’s new foreman Wade Barrett will oversee the mill and, fortunately for Lee, Rosemary arrives just in time to take charge of Lee’s convalescence.

While Jack keeps up the patrols in town, Bill heads out to the Benson homestead to find the family of his murdered friend. When he finally arrives, Bill finds Lucy Benson, the only child of the Benson family, taking laundry down from the clothesline. Bill introduces himself and asks if the girl’s mother is home. Lucy stammers before telling Bill that her mother died shortly after her father’s murder. Seeing he’s had a long journey, Lucy invites Jack into her home where Jack informs her that he’s got a lead on Jake Garrison, the man who murdered Lucy’s father. While desperate for justice, Lucy quickly realizes that the only witness to the murder, her mother, died years ago. Jack grabs her hand and personally promises that one way or another, he will see Jake Garrison pay for his crimes.

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