Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Heart of a Fighter

The next morning at Back at the infirmary, Abigail wakes up and finds Carson checking Cody’s vital signs. Cody’s heart rate is normal and his fever broke. Abigail pleads with Cody to wake and, after a short pause, Cody squeezes Abigail’s hand. is still pleading with Cody to wake up. Carson tells her to go home and get some rest but just as she turns to leave, Cody’s eyes behind to flutter. HeCody mutters, “Where am I?” Abigail is so happy to see Cody awake that she is moved to tears, meanwhile, Faith tells Carson he should head home to get rest. On his way home, Carson is met by Marlise, who tells him she is letting go of her anger. It was unfair it was to blame Carson this whole time for her sister’s death. She also tells Carson he clearly is a wonderful doctor and she will no longer try to stand in his way.

Becky visits her younger brother at the infirmary and apologizes for not spending enough time with him. She promises Cody that when he gets better, she will make all the time in the world for him, even when he’s being an annoying little brother.

Abigail finds Bill escorting Henry out of town for his arraignment. She finds out that Henry asked to stay in jail one more night to wait for the prognosis on Cody. She gives him one final goodbye and he says he will be back in Hope Valley sooner than she thinks. Bill, on the other hand tells Henry to not get his hopes up. Abigail offers Henry a kiss on the cheek and tells him to take care of himself.

Back at Abigail’s Café, she finds Carson waiting on the customers. She tells him that he shouldn’t be a cook at the restaurant anymore and wants him to practice medicine, crediting him for saving Cody’s life. In turn, Carson responds that Cody saved him.

Elizabeth writes Jack a letter with an update of Cody and his recovery. She includes that Cody’s ordeal reminded her of how important it is to make time for those you love. She signs the letter “With all my heart, your dearest, Elizabeth.”