Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Heart of a Fighter

The next morning Carson heads to Abigail’s to give her an update. He tells everyone that Cody’s appendix has been successfully removed, but he is still unconscious, because he lost a lot of blood and is running a high fever. Dr. Strom storms in and wants answers to Carson’s actions and tells him that he will be reporting Carson to the medical board. Abigail chimes in to tell Dr. Strom that she gave Carson the permission to operate. The doctor tells Carson he is leaving town since he is not needed. If Cody dies, it will be on his conscience. Carson apologizes to Abigail that she had to hear such harsh words. Later that morning, Bill runs into Carson and thanks him for performing the surgery on Cody.

At the mercantile, Elizabeth runs into Carson’s former sister-in-law, who still holds a grudge over the death of her sister. Elizabeth confronts Marlise before she can send a wire to the medical board telling them about Carson’s unlawful surgery on Cody. Elizabeth begs Marlise to stop being so angry and learn about forgiveness.

At the infirmary, Abigail is at Cody’s bedside, begging him to not give up. She vows to not leave until Cody wakes up. Meanwhile, Bill helps run things at the café and catches up with Lee. Dottie Florence walks in asking if the men will be joining the afternoon prayer circle service for Cody. Both men say they wouldn’t miss it.

The citizens of Hope Valley to pour into the church to listen Frank’s prayer for Cody. Marlise even joins the packed room, just as the prayer service begins.