Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Heart of a Fighter

At the infirmary, Carson stops by to check on Cody. Faith tells him Cody seems to be getting worse, and after a brief examination, Carson tells her Cody’s appendix is about to burst. Faith offers to go get Dr. Strom, but Carson tells her that he saw the doctor at the saloon and he is no shape to perform surgery. Instead, they get Abigail to rush Cody to a hospital. Carson also tells Abigail that if Cody doesn’t have the surgery, he will die, and it is time she trusts him with removing the appendix. Before excusing Abigail from the infirmary, she begs him to not let her boy die.

Abigail is comforted by Elizabeth, Lee and Rosemary. Lee assures Abigail she made the right decision for Carson to perform the surgery and everything will be fine.

Bill heads to the jail and tells Henry that his arraignment has been scheduled. Henry has a favor to ask from Bill: he wants to stay in Hope Valley until he finds out more about Cody. When Bill wants to know why Henry cares so much about Abigail, Henry responds by asking Bill the same question.