Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Heart of a Fighter

Back at Abigail’s, Dr. Strom has an update. He tells her that despite what Carson thinks, Cody doesn’t have appendicitis and just has a case of the flu. When Carson stands by his findings, Dr. Strom cuts him off and says Cody doesn’t need surgery. Carson argues with Dr. Strom, but he’s quickly reminded of the death of his wife. Abigail agrees to wait until morning to see how Cody is doing. A frustrated Carson walks out. Elizabeth runs after him and begs Carson to stay in Hope Valley for just one more day. He agrees to Elizabeth’s request.

Elizabeth finds a distracted Rosemary and asks what is wrong. Rosemary tells her that she is concerned with Lee and knows he is keeping something from her. Elizabeth challenges Rosemary to get to the bottom of Lee’s troubles.

Carson finds Dr. Strom drinking at the saloon and tells him that maybe he should lay off the booze in case he has to perform a last-minute surgery. Dr. Strom tells Carson he won’t take advice from a former doctor whose wife died on the operating table. Carson tells the doctor he wasn’t there and has no idea the circumstances of what happened. The fight turns physical and Bill breaks it up, telling both men to call it a night.

Back at the house, Rosemary gets Lee to open up about his troubles. Lee shares that Cody reminds him of his brother, Patrick, who died when he was just a boy. He tearfully recalls Patrick wanting Lee to read a book to him one night and Lee saying he was too tired; his brother died that night. Rosemary comforts her husband as he shares this emotional memory.