Heart and Soul

Undeterred by his Lee Coulter’s rejection, Henry Gowen now casts his dark shadow over mayor Silas Ramsey. Silas owes Gowen a large debt and Gowen is ready to collect. Silas insists he doesn’t have the money to which Gowen suggests letting the courts settle the matter. Such an investigation would reveal Silas’ mishandling of public funds. The threat seems worthless given that such an investigation would also implicate Gowen. But Gowen reminds Silas that no one has ever been able to implicate him in anything. Now in his pocket, Mr. Gowen is ready to move his pawn into position.

In the saloon, the townsfolk gather to raise money for new church programs. Before beginning, Florence invites their new pastor to say a few words. Throughout the saloon eyebrows peak as the pastor delivers his jumbled prayer.  The prayer almost blows the ruse, but the mood of the crowd gives Floyd a reprieve. As the collection plate is passed around, DeWitt Graves stands up to make an announcement. The previous night DeWitt and Mary Dunbar became engaged. The happy couple is eager to wed and asks the new pastor to perform the service. Sensing a trap, Floyd tries to get out of performing the wedding, only to be further ensnared by his daughter’s insistence that he perform the service.

Outside the gates of the Thatcher mansion, Julie peeks around the corner looking for someone. Behind a tree a voice calls out, “I thought your wouldn’t come.” Julie looks down the road and sees Tom Thornton emerge. Tom’s earlier note had been an invitation to meet so Tom could apologize for their first meeting outside the bar. Tom asks if he can see her again, and a smitten Julie agrees.