Heart and Soul

Early the next morning, Abigail is busily preparing to open the café. She stops when someone knocks at the door. A woman enters and, looking Abigail up and down, asks if she is Ms. Stanton. Annoyed, the woman says, “I understand you've been spending quite a bit of time with Bill Avery.” Taken aback, Abigail asks if the woman is a friend. “Hardly,” the woman responds. “I’m his wife, Nora Avery.” Shocked, Abigail tries to assure Nora that she had no idea he was married. As Nora begins to throw accusations Abigail musters the strength to ask Nora to leave.

Unaware of what’s transpired in Hope valley, Bill is somewhere east, standing in an alley cloaked in a dark trench coat and hat. A car pulls up with three nefarious looking men inside. One man opens the door as another steps out onto the sidewalk. The man approaches Bill, who tells him not to come closer. Bill asks for the merchandise and as the man removes a parcel of metal plates, Bill drops a money filled valise. The man retrieves and inspects the contents before telling Bill, “I hope your clients find the work acceptable.” The man turns and gets back into the car, leaving Bill in the alley alone.