Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Heart and Soul

Outside, a middle aged man and his teenaged daughter arrive in Hope Valley. As they talk it becomes clear that Floyd and Annabelle Conklin are grifters who’ve stumbled into a town on the upswing. Their scheme involves collecting money for Bibles they will never order. But their plan hits an immediate snag when Florence notices the Bibles and immediately assumes that Floyd is Hope valley’s new pastor, Frank Hogan. Blessed with a fake identity, Floyd sees his opportunity and eagerly embraces his fake pastor job.

Across town, Henry Gowen steps in to Lee Coulter’s new office. When the mining company pulled up stakes, Lee bought all of Gowen’s office furniture and half the town. Despite his hardship, Gowen believes he can convince Lee to hire him as a consultant. But Lee’s heard the rumors and knows that the town views Gowen as “worse than the devil himself" and wants nothing to do with him. Gowen coldly tells Lee he doesn’t want him as an enemy.

Back in Hamilton, Charles is trying his best to court Elizabeth. Earlier in the day he accepted an invitation to have Sunday dinner at the Regency with Viola, Sir Lionel, and Elizabeth. He also calls on a physician friend to give a second opinion to Mrs. Thatcher. Dr. Lyden discovers the medication Grace takes for her heart condition is also causing her fainting spells. He gives Grace a new prescription and assures her she’ll be back to normal soon. All of his gestures merit a reward and Elizabeth agrees to have dinner with him later in the evening. The dinner, an impromptu picnic in the mansion, includes a frontier specialty, fried chicken.