Heart and Home

At the hospital Jack looks over Tom’s medical record with Nurse Carter. It’s clear Nurse Carter doesn’t believe Tom caused the accident. The medical records confirm that the injury to Tom’s head is consistent with a crack found on the passenger side windshield. Jack and Nurse Carter suspect Tom is hiding the truth to save Julie, who not only caused the accident but also broke the law by driving without a license.

At the saloon, Gowen’s winning streak continues. After losing a few hands Lee exits the saloon for some air. As he does, Rosemary makes her move and begins to chat with the Gowen plant. When the game resumes Lee looks peaked and nervous. Down several hands to Gowen, Lee is now making his last stand. On the final hand Lee bets all of his money and the mill. The move throws Rosemary into distress and she does all she can to convince him to change course. Gowen, sensing desperation, throws in his parcel of land, which includes the future railroad. The two men play the hand and, when the chips fall, Lee comes out on top.

In Hamilton, Jack and Elizabeth sit for dinner. Jack tells Elizabeth that Julie was driving when the accident took place and that the medical report proves Tom’s innocence. Elizabeth sits stoically as Jack discusses the medical report and Nurse Carter. Viola had insinuated to Elizabeth that Jack’s dinner with Nurse Carter was untoward. Unfortunately, the sentiment is now burned into Elizabeth’s mind. She begins to question Jack about Nurse Carter even though, as Jack points out, he’s never questioned her relationship with Charles. The anger leads to an abrupt end to the meal. Jack calls for his jacket and prepares to leave the table. Before he does, Elizabeth asks him what’s happening. After a long pause Jack responds, saying, “I don’t know.”

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