Heart and Home

Back at the mansion, Jack continues his investigation, looking over the wrecked car. As he does, Mr. Thatcher hovers, questioning Jack’s process. He questions Jack about his brother’s questionable background and asks Jack to convince Tom to stop seeing Julie. He then remarks, “I'm not sure the association between the Thorntons and the Thatchers has proven to be a happy one.” Jack knows this is a veiled attempt to convince him to stop seeing Elizabeth but he still tries to assure Mr. Thatcher that he cares for Elizabeth.

Later, as Jack and Elizabeth walk around the mansion, they discuss the accident. While they both advised their siblings not to pursue this relationship, it appears Jack is starting to chafe at the Thatchers’ insistence on putting down Tom. The consequences of the accident could be severe for Tom, while Julie’s role in the accident is being swept under the rug. Elizabeth thinks that for his own good, Tom should face the consequences. Jack responds by saying that Julie may need the same.

At the saloon, the poker game between Gowen and Mr. Harriman is reaching its end. Gowen has cheated his way through the game and Mr. Harriman is still none the wiser. After losing the last hand Mr. Harriman prepares to leave, but before he does, Lee approaches the table and drops a purse full of gold coins onto the table. Mr. Gowen tries to decline the offer but Mr. Harriman goads him in to taking the challenge.