Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Heart and Home

Later that day Elizabeth and Viola sit to talk about Julie. The conversation quickly turns to Elizabeth’s relationship with Jack and its potential future. Viola pointedly asks if Jack’s proposed. Elizabeth insists she’s in no hurry to marry, but Viola thinks it’s likely Jack recognizes their backgrounds is an impediment to their future. Viola then accuses Elizabeth of leading Charles on, saying that despite all of her friends in Hamilton, she, Elizabeth, chooses to spend all her free time with Charles. Despite her insistence to the contrary, Elizabeth cannot deny the validity of Viola’s accusations.

In the saloon, Rosemary makes her way to Lee, who is watching Gowen and another man play poker. The man, Bertram B. Harriman, is the railroad magnate who’s in town to approve the new railroad deal. As Rosemary looks on, Lee says that despite the deal having not yet finished, he is out of options to stop it. That won’t stop Rosemary. Rosemary’s keen eye catches Gowen using another man to help him cheat Mr. Harriman out of his money. The information gets Lee thinking and in short order, he’s concocted a plan to save the mill.

Later that night in Hamilton, Jack runs into Nurse Carter at a small restaurant. She’s sitting alone reading over patient files and cheerfully asks Jack to join her. A dedicated nurse, Faith then explains that similar to Jack, she’s a nurse because her mother was. While they talk, Jack asks if he can see his brother’s medical files. As they talk, Viola and Sir Lionel enter the restaurant. Sir Lionel recognized Jack from outside and insisted they stop in. Viola looks accusingly when Jack explains they were discussing his brother’s health.