Heart and Home

In Hamilton, Charles drops Jack and Elizabeth off at the Thatcher mansion. While Elizabeth prepares to make her way inside, Jack is headed to the infirmary. Before leaving, Jack asks Charles about the accident. Charles tells Jack that the Thatchers think Tom’s actions were reckless and irresponsible. Charles agrees and refuses to excuse Tom’s behavior. Charles insists his anger is out of concern for Julie and Elizabeth’s best interests. Jack snaps back, asking Charles if he knows what’s best for Elizabeth. Jack says he knows enough to let Elizabeth decide for herself while Charles tells Jack that he doesn’t know Elizabeth at all.

Back in Hope Valley, Bill reluctantly explains himself to Abigail. After losing his parents, Nora’s father took Bill in and raised him as his own. Nora fell in love with a drifter who, after they eloped, abandoned her and their child. Out of a sense of duty to her father, Bill then married Nora. When the child later died, their relationship fell apart. Despite the trouble Bill didn’t leave and instead, Nora left him. After two years of searching he found her at her fathers home. She told Bill the marriage was over and that she wanted a divorce. Bill tells Abigail he had every intention of telling her but she remains unmoved. His deception is more than she can tolerate so Bill simply apologizes and leaves the café.

At the infirmary, Jack sits and talks with his brother. As they talk a pretty young nurse stops in to check on Tom. Nurse Faith Carter explains that Tom suffered two broken ribs and a concussion. She’s also heard tons about Tom’s Mountie brother and is thrilled to have the opportunity to meet Jack. Despite her attractiveness and eagerness to meet him, Tom makes it clear that Jack is involved with Elizabeth Thatcher.

Upstairs, Elizabeth sits and talks with a distraught Julie. Her father has forbidden Julie from ever seeing Tom, and the love struck Julie is not taking her punishment well. She pleads with Elizabeth to understand her plight; after all, she fell in love with the “wrong kind of man.” Hearing those words infuriates Elizabeth and she makes it clear that the brothers are very different men. Elizabeth demands Julie get out of bed and start acting like an adult.