Healing Heart

During show and tell at school, Elizabeth calls on Chad to see what he brought. He brings a recorder, a musical instrument that his mother gave him on Christmas. A distraught Earl runs out of the classroom. After class, Elizabeth tells Chad how happy she was to see him participate today and is sorry that his mom never got to teach him to play. She points out that she is sad that Earl stormed out during his presentation, and Chad says that Earl is still not over their mom leaving. Elizabeth is shocked to hear that the boys’ mother didn’t die like Earl told her: she voluntarily left the family.

Henry hears the news that Bill has located AJ and is bringing her in. Ray tells Henry he is taking care of the problem and sending one of his henchman after them. Henry doesn’t want anything extreme done, but Ray tells him he’s protecting him from embezzlement charges. Ray says that once he removes Bill, he and Henry can start really profiting from Hope Valley.

After school, Elizabeth confides in Abigail about Chad and Earl’s situation, and Abigail says it makes sense that Earl carries such anger around. Elizabeth vows to find a way to get through to the boys, but knows she needs to help of their father, Russell, who is out of town. She comes up with the idea of sending the boys’ father a telegram. She heads to the mercantile to send the telegram off and once again, is sad to hear that she still hasn’t received a letter from Jack.

Lee is drinking Rosemary’s tea and is surprised to get his voice back! But, in a turn of events, it looks like its Rosemary who has now lost her voice. He tells her not to worry, he will be fine being the voice for the both of them.

AJ and Bill plan to take off for Hope Valley but are faced with gun fire by one of Ray’s hired hands. Bill draws his gun and wins the shoot-out, and he and AJ manage to flee by horse.

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