Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Healing Heart

Chad sees Cody playing with his dog, Dasher, and Elizabeth encourages him to join in the game of fetch. Chad tells Elizabeth she is not like most teachers because she cares. Their conversation is interrupted when Earl whistles for his brother to come over.

That evening, Bill tries to get to the bottom of why AJ was covering for Henry. She tells him she used to audit bank accounts, only to discover the Mayor was funneling money from Hope Valley. She changed her story when Ray sent one of his men to hunt her down, threatening her mother’s life if she didn’t keep quiet. She took their hush money, lied about the investigation, and disappeared. Bill tells her that if she comes forward, he will do his best to erase her perjury charges for lying to law enforcement. They make an agreement to head back to Hope Valley in the morning.

Carson and Molly are on their date and she begins to ask questions about his past. He admits he can’t open up about his heartbreak and she realizes he is not quite over his past. The two agree to just be friends.

Lee and Rosemary go to Abigail to apologize for making a lumber deal with Ray’s commissary. With Lee still without a voice, Rosemary says she and Lee will purchase finger sandwiches, pies and baked good daily to send up to the guys working the railroad in the afternoon. Lee is shocked by the purchase but unable to speak up.