Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Healing Heart

In Medford Falls, Bill visits an address on his search for AJ, and upon arrival finds someone running out the door. Bill immediately tackles the potential escapee. Instead of a man, he realizes it is a beautiful blonde woman going by the name of Marie Foster. They both go inside, where a skeptical Bill is still unsure of Marie’s real identity. She defends her actions and sticks by her original claim that she has no idea who AJ Foster is.

Elizabeth checks with Katie at the mercantile to see if any new mail has arrived for her, but there are no letters from Jack. A heartbroken Elizabeth turns around to see Carson with a stack of menus from the café for Katie to display in the store. But before she can grab them, the newly re-instated mayor Henry shows up and tells Carson he can’t display the menus without town council approval. It will take a couple of weeks before they can hear his case. Carson accuses Henry of being in the railroad’s pockets, and adds that he is picking a fight he doesn’t want to start.

While Marie is feeding her farm animals, Bill sneaks into her cabin and begins searching for clues on the identity of who she really is. Inside, he finds a package of money addressed to Adeline Josephine Foster, proving he was right all along about his suspicions, Marie really is AJ Foster! She sees Bill and panics and tries to escape again, but Bill grabs her and throws her over his shoulders to take her back to Hope Valley.

Back at an empty Abigail’s Café, she gets a surprise customer, Henry, who swears to hear he had no part in the railroad’s new commissary. He then proceeds to order the most expensive dish on the menu, with dessert.