Healing Heart

Rosemary and Lee are back at Lee’s office and Jesse walks in with his latest delivery of invoices. Since Lee can’t speak, Rosemary takes it upon herself to praise Jesse for all his hard work and even offers him a promotion. Lee is shocked just as much as Jesse!

That night, Abigail sits down Cody and asks him to refrain from any more fighting. He defends himself, saying he was trying to stop the Wyatt boys from picking on Opal. She confesses that she was once picked on in school, too and reminds him that most bullies are just unhappy with themselves. Cody promises Abigail: no more getting into fights.

The next morning in school, Elizabeth tells both Chad and Earl they need to apologize for their bullying from the day before. They respond that their Uncle Ray told them Wyatt men don’t apologize. As punishment, she makes the two brothers sit apart from each other in the back of the room. She also notices that Opal is outside and refusing to go inside. She says she is afraid of Chad and Earl. Elizabeth promises to make her a special teacher’s aide and says if she doesn’t come to class, the bullies win.

With Lee still speechless, Rosemary steps in to help him negotiate business dealings and lands him a rush job. When she tells Jesse about the new job, he points out that the job must be for Ray’s new commissary, leaving both Rosemary and Lee shocked.