Healing Heart

At Abigail’s Café, she points out to Carson how slow business has been and he is shocked she hasn’t heard the news. He says that Ray has opened up a commissary for all the railroad workers at the railroad headquarters. Carson heard that Ray is making his employees eat there to save time. He has also opened it up to the citizens of Hope Valley and has purposely undercut his prices, sabotaging Abigail’s business. Carson assures Abigail business will pick up.

During recess at the school, Cody steps in when he notices Earl and Chad bullying Opal. Earl lunges at Cody and the two start to wrestle on the ground. Elizabeth breaks up the fight and sends both boys inside. Earl fakes a stomach ache and says he needs to see the nurse. When Elizabeth calls his bluff, he challenges her, saying he will run to his uncle Ray for keeping him from going to the infirmary. After school, Elizabeth confronts Ray about his nephews. He tells her that boys’ father had to go out of town for another railroad assignment and they are in Ray’s care. He also tells Elizabeth that she is responsible for Earl and Chad while they are in her school. Elizabeth is determined to figure out why the boys are so angry. She later tells Abigail that she wishes Jack was around to help her handle this problem.

Cody finds Bill in the kitchen packing sandwiches and tells him he is heading to Medford Falls for a few days. Bill later tells Abigail that he has a lead from an informant that he knows the location of AJ Foster, the accountant who disappeared before to testifying against Henry. Bill is on his way to track AJ down and bring him back to Hope Valley.

Carson is unloading apples at the café and Abigail offers to pay him but he says not to worry. She also teases Carson a bit about the upcoming date he has with one their customers, Molly Sullivan. He gets shy and says he just hopes she enjoys his meatloaf.