Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Forever in My Heart

Back at the mill, things have gone from bad to worse for Lee Coulter. The head saw has broken after cutting into a spiked log. Hickam rode into the parcel and found even more spiked trees. Without a head saw and with dozens of spiked trees, the mill can’t operate and Lee has no choice but to shut down. He calls all the men together and prepares to shut down his mill.

Later in the night, Elizabeth joins Abigail and the kids for supper. As she and Abigail head off to look at linens in the café, Cody heads upstairs to do his homework. Becky is left alone at the table with no way to get up her own. Behind her, on top of a cabinet, is her notebook and there’s only one way she can get it. She backs up her wheelchair and attempts to reach. When that fails she has no choice and slowly pulls her legs out off the chair. She struggles at first, but she manages to push herself up onto her feet. As she stands, Abigail and Elizabeth walk into the room. Abigail immediately runs to her and teary eyed, tells her how proud she is of her.

The next day, just as the children leave for school, Abigail gets an early visitor to the café. Assuming the woman is a customer, Abigail apologizes for running late and tells the woman she’ll have the tea on in a moment. The woman apologizes for the confusion and introduces herself as Caroline Conners. Caroline is looking for Cody and Becky… She’s their aunt, and she’s come to find them.

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