Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Forever in My Heart

While out on patrol Jack decides to make a visit to a nearby to find Edith’s husband Roy. The two men sit for a cup of coffee where Jack tells Roy that he has a son. Roy admits that he was a lousy husband and he doesn’t think he’ll fare much better as a dad. Jack tries to encourage him to go back, but Roy is sure that Edith is better without him.

Later in the day, when Jack returns to Hope Valley, he and Elizabeth are walking together when they see an older gentleman waiting outside the jail. Jack immediately recognizes the man, but he can’t let Elizabeth know who he is. He tells Elizabeth that he needs to talk to the man and hurriedly rushes off. The man, Mr. Besser, has a plot of land that Jack is interested in buying for his future home. Another man is also interested in the plot, but Mr. Besser has a soft spot for Jack and wants to give him every opportunity to buy the land. As the two talk Jack notices Elizabeth snooping outside. He pauses the conversation, walks to the window, and pulls down the blind. He then turns to Mr. Besser and the two continue to talk about the plot.

Back in the saloon, Rosemary makes one more attempt to impress Mr. Pope. She approaches him and offers a soliloquy from her days on the stage. Mr. Pope looks up and informs her that moving pictures are silent and that all the roles are have been cast. Rosemary pleads with Mr. Pope and, as luck would have it, her pleas strike a chord. It turns out that despite his impeccable qualifications, Mr. Pope had been rejected for a big job years ago. As he tells the story Rosemary points out that he knows how she feels right now. Her pleas break through and Mr. Pope offers her a role as the saloon girl.