Forever in My Heart

Since talking to Elizabeth about the contest, Becky has been completely absorbed in her drawings. Abigail pulls up a chair at the table to talk to her about her drawings and her father. She then asks Becky where she wants to stay. Becky says that she would like to stay with Abigail but that she wasn’t sure if, in her condition, Abigail would be willing to take her in. Abigail assures Becky that she would take her regardless of the wheelchair. She tells Becky that from the moment she and Cody came into her life she knew that the three of them were meant to be together. Cody, who’s been eavesdropping on the stairs, runs down and asks if they are going to be a family. Abigail hugs them both and tells them yes, they are going to be a family.

Standing in the middle of Main Street, Mr. Pope, the director of the upcoming film, is framing shots of Hope Valley’s scenery. As he and his assistant log the shots, Rosemary makes her appearance. She introduces herself and, after it’s clear that Mr. Pope has never heard of her, launches into her theatre resume. As luck would have it Mr. Pope has a role for her working alongside his star, as her personal maid. Stunned, Rosemary declares, “I am an actress.” Mr. Pope politely nods and tells her that all the roles have been filled then walks away. As Rosemary turns to compose herself she sees Hickam carrying a script. Not only has Hickam been cast, but Mary Dunbar and Molly Sullivan have also been cast.

At a Northridge sawmill, Jack and Bill talk with Tommy Northridge, the mill’s owner. Northridge is one of Lee’s competitors but he’s also loaned Lee equipment to replace his damaged equipment. While talking about his business, Tommy mentions that Henry Gowen had approached him several months ago looking for a partner to help buy Lee out. Northridge turned him down but the evidence is starting to point to Henry Gowen as the likely saboteur.