Forever in My Heart

Back in Lee’s office, Jack and Bill discuss the status of their investigation. While the employees don’t seem to have any grudges against Lee, the evidence still points to the saboteur being an inside man. Since the men have no personal motivations, it seems likely that money is the likely motive. And there is one person who has the means and money to corrupt a worker: Henry Gowen.

As she makes her way into the café, Elizabeth notices Becky drawing sketches at one of the outside tables. When Elizabeth looks at the sketches she sees that they are actually engineering designs for a bridge. Becky explains that she learned drafting from her father, who worked on the Queensland Bridge. The plans she’s drawing are for a model bridge that she and her father had worked on. Seeing her talent, Elizabeth suggests that Becky design a bridge for the regional science fair. Children from all over the west are entering the contest and the top prize is a scholarship. And Elizabeth thinks Becky’s talent might be enough to win the top prize. To celebrate, Elizabeth invites Becky inside for some hot chocolate. Elizabeth then asks if Becky would like to try and walk inside. Despite Elizabeth’s offer to stand right by her, Becky is hesitant and asks if maybe they can try tomorrow. Elizabeth is supportive and agrees that they will try again tomorrow.

Back out at the settlement, Jack’s returned to give Edith a hand with the repairs her tent desperately needs. While they talk, Edith reveals that her husband Roy is now working at a mine nearby. Jack notices that she clutches a locket when she talks about Roy. He asks if she’s got a picture of him in the locket and Edith promptly opens the locket, revealing a picture of Roy and her son. Edith explains that Roy never mistreated her; he just didn’t take to the idea of being a husband. Despite it all he is still the only man she’s ever loved and the father of her son.