Forever in My Heart

Since landing in Hope Valley Rosemary has been bereft of the spotlight of the big stage. But, as she enters the saloon to find Lee, Rosemary beams as though she is center stage on Broadway. Rosemary’s just learned that a famous film director is shooting his latest feature in Hope Valley. More importantly, the director will be casting locals in the film. As Rosemary sees it, this is her chance to reach millions of people, far more than some little theatre. Lee can only look on and smile as Rosemary gets caught up in the excitement.

Back at the café Elizabeth and Abigail are talking when Cody barrels down the stairs. He’s headed out to play with the other boys but before he gets to the door a familiar voice calls his name. Cody, Abigail and Elizabeth run into the main room of the café to find Cody’s sister Becky, apparently wheelchair bound. Seeing his sister in the wheelchair initially shocks Cody. Becky explains that it’s just taking her longer to recover and that’s why she’s still in the wheelchair. Becky stretches her arms and Cody, still shocked, hugs her saying that he really missed her.

While Cody and Becky talk, Dr. Burns steps forward to talk with Abigail. The doctor explains that Becky’s legs are fine, but that she hasn’t had the motivation to walk again. Dr. Burns hopes that bringing Becky to Hope Valley around her loved ones will give her the encouragement she needs to walk again. There is also the matter of Cody and Becky’s future. The children still have no guardian and, with no other family, Abigail is all they have. Abigail reveals that she’s thought about taking the children but she’s unsure how Becky would feel. Abigail wants to give Becky time to think about what she wants, but time is not on her side. The doctor explains that the social worker is eager to place the children in a home and if not Abigail’s, some other home must be found.