Episode 8: Perils of the Soloists

Original Airdate: Saturday, March 1st

Jack's sudden departure worries Elizabeth and makes both she and Jack realize that their relationship is starting to mean much more. Earlier, Jack surprised Elizabeth by repainting the backdrop for the play. The gesture goes a long way to convey Jack's true feelings for Elizabeth. Now that Jack is facing a dangerous rescue, it is Elizabeth's true feelings that come pouring forth. In a rundown shack outside of town Jack finally catches up with Adam. Adam unloads all of his frustrations at Jack and vows that he won't return to Coal Valley to become a burden to his family. Jack lends his ear and the two begin to chat by a campfire. It's then that Jack reveals that his father was a Mountie and that his father also suffered a life altering injury that eventually took his life. While initially bitter, time helped Jack make peace with the loss of his father. Jack then challenges Adam to confront his own fears and choose to live his life as a husband and a father.

Back in town, the Founders Day play is starting. Elizabeth managed to sew replacement consumes for the children and Jack's background is a perfect replica of Coal Valley. As the children recreate the founding of the town, Joleen, Adam's daughter, takes the stage to sing. As she begins her song Adam and Jack arrive causing a stir amongst the audience. When Joleen sees her father she stops singing and runs to embrace him. The two sing the solo together in a heartwarming conclusion to the Founder Day play.

The next day, as the children strike the set, a few of them notice a small image tucked into the backdrop. They borrow Elizabeth's magnifying glass and discover that the image is a caricature of Jack and Elizabeth kissing. The children start to giggle as Elizabeth walks over the see what's so funny. She grabs the magnifying glass is immediately caught a gasp at what she sees. She later confronts Jack and asks if he has any idea who could have put such an image on the backdrop. Jack assures her that he has no idea and that he will get to the bottom of the situation. As Elizabeth leaves, Jack hurriedly shuffles his paints into his desk, looks at his dog Lucky, and says, "It's our little secret."

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