Episode 5: The Dance

Original Airdate: Saturday, February 8th

Emotions also begin to run high when Jack stumbles upon Elizabeth and Billy taking a leisurely walk outside of town. Jack is clearly suspicious of Billy, but Elizabeth seems charmed, bordering on smitten. Jack attempts to dissuade Elizabeth from getting to close to Billy, but the strong willed Elizabeth has already agreed to escort Billy to the saloon dance.

On the night of the dance everyone arrives in their finest attire. Elizabeth’s students have decorated the saloon and everyone is appreciative of the opportunity for a celebration in Coal Valley. Caleb, who initially refused to attend, surprises his mother when arrives dressed in his late father's oversized suit. Meanwhile Jack, who is attending in his official capacity, keeps a watchful eye as everyone dances and mingles throughout the night. But, as everyone heads home to retire for the evening, Abigail discovers a prostrate Carla in the throes of labor. Jack also receives confirmation of his suspicions towards Billy when a telegram from the Central Union Mine Company proves that Bill is not who he says he is.

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