Episode 4: Secrets and Lies

Original Airdate: Saturday, February 1st

Later, while taking care of the Cat’s children, the necklace falls out of Elizabeth’s pocket and is found by Emily. Emily asks Elizabeth why she has a necklace that belongs to her mother. Confused, Elizabeth goes to the jail to pressure Cat into coming clean about the necklace. In the cell Cat explains that her late husband had run up a large gambling debt with a ruthless card shark. Mr. Spurlock knew of the situation and offered to help if Cat would "be friendly"towards him. Cat sternly rebuked Mr. Spurlock and threw the necklace into the creek.

With the puzzle now coming together, Elizabeth rides out to Spurlock’s house where she finds a burnt area of whale oil outside his home. Elizabeth now knows that Spurlock framed Cat after she rebuffed his advances, but before she can move, Spurlock shows up and threatens her. Before he can pounce, Jack arrives and knocks Spurlock out, saving Elizabeth. With the new evidence in hand Jack releases Cat and reunites her with her children.

With the church fire mystery solved, Jack and Elizabeth take some time to share a picnic together. As they eat, a spider crawls into Elizabeth's shoulder, startling her to the point that she jumps into Jacks arms. Elizabeth comments that they shouldn’t make a habit out of Jack saving her, to which Jack playfully responds, "Absolutely not”.

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