Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Episode 11: Rules of Engagement

Original Airdate: Saturday, March 22nd

On his way to the jail Jack encounters a well-dressed man approaching on horseback. The man, Bill Avery, is a forensic investigator sent to build a case against the mining company. To get his investigation started, Bill immediately heads to meet with Abigail. Upon entering the café, Bill and Abigail’s eyes meet and there’s an instant attraction. For her part, Abigail is overwhelmed with relief that the disaster is being investigated and is determined to do everything she can to assist Bill. Mr. Gowen, on the other hand, is less than thrilled with the pending investigation. Gowen first attempts to question Bill’s authority before conceding that even the company will answer to the Mounties. Gowen then decides to confront Abigail over her giving the incriminating file to the Mounties. Having taken no heed to his previous threat, Mr. Gowen tries to more forcefully persuade Abigail against her current course of action. Gowen again threatens her reputation and the reputation of her late husband. He also insists that Coal Valley is a company town and that he wields all the power, but before he can finish his thought, Bill walks in and orders him to leave Abigail alone. Carrying the weight of the law, Bill threatens Gowen with charges of intimidating a witness and impeding an investigation. Left with no choice, Gowen leaves, but not before telling Abigail that he will destroy her.

In the saloon before class, Jack attempts to make amends with Elizabeth. He explains that Rosemary left him broken hearted and that he didn’t want to open an old wound by talking about his relationship with her. Jack assures Elizabeth that he has no feelings for Rosemary and that he will do whatever is takes to regain her trust. Emotions continue to run high when Elizabeth runs into Rosemary at the General Store. While gathering supplies for her students Elizabeth runs into Rosemary making small talk with Dottie, the mayors wife. Dottie and Rosemary make thinly veiled mockery of Elizabeth’s relationship with Jack before heading off for lunch at the café. Annoyed, Elizabeth gathers her thing to leave, but not before one of the shop attendants hands her a letter. It’s from her father, and he’s writing to inform her of a prestigious academy in Cape Fullerton that has selected her to be the first female teacher on their staff.

Awash with emotions, including an obvious irritation towards Rosemary, Elizabeth opens up to Abigail over a much-needed cup of coffee. It’s now that Elizabeth reveals the job offer back home. Rosemary manages to eavesdrop on the conversation from outside before smugly walking off with the emotional ammunition she needs to steal Jack’s heart. She finally gets her opportunity when she catches up with Jack, whose shooting targets near town. An expert shooter herself, Rosemary is obviously flirting with Jack, trying to win his attention. When her attempts get her nowhere, Rosemary tells Jack that Elizabeth is going home to take the job at the academy. Jack is obviously devastated, while Rosemary hides her grin.

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