Episode 10: Love Comes First

Original Airdate: Saturday, March 15th

As Jack approaches Coal Valley, he stumbles across Constable O'Reilly, who was ambushed a knocked out by Nate Toliver. O'Reilly and Jack race back to town where they discover Abigail, tied up inside the café. Abigail tells the men that the Toliver’s took Elizabeth and Julie to the abandoned cabin in the woods. Before heading to rescue the women, Jack attempts to recruit help from Mr. Gowen. Gowen however refuses to offer any aid, saying the women’s predicament is not company business. With little time to spare, Jack and O'Reilly device and improvised plan and ride off to confront to Toliver gang.

In the woods Jack confronts Nate and the rest of the Toliver gang. By strategically placing horses draped with red tablecloths around the gang’s holdup, Jack and O’Reilly convince the Toliver’s they’re surrounded. Not willing to go without a fight, Nate grabs Elizabeth and uses her as a human shield. An errant shots makes everyone scatter and Jack uses the opportunity to pounce on Nate Toliver and force the remaining gang members to surrender.

With the Toliver gang in custody, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. Julie is thankful to free from Nate’s spell and has a new outlook after seeing Jack come to her sister’s rescue. Abigail confesses to Jack that she stole the file from Gowen. She also puts aside concerns over husband’s possible involvement in the disaster and hands over the file, believing that the truth is far more important. And for Jack and Elizabeth, the incident has brought them even closer. Jack confesses his feelings to Elizabeth and they both agree to “see you soon.”

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