Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Courageous Hearts

Bill later takes AJ to the local jail to lock her up for running from justice. Before he can place her behind bars, she pulls him for a kiss. He still locks her up, but not before turning from her with a smile.

Later on, Abigail pleas with Bill to take into consideration that Henry stopped Ray from shooting him and to let the judge know that, as well. Bill promises he won’t forget to relay the message. With Henry going to jail, Elizabeth wants to know if that means Abigail is going to be mayor again. Abigail calls it her destiny.

Elizabeth heads to the mercantile to check the mail and is excited to see a letter from Jack. She heads to the hillside to read it alone. His letter lets Elizabeth know that she is constantly on Jack’s mind and he dreams of the day they will be married. He ends the letter telling her he loves her with all of his heart.

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