Courageous Hearts

The next morning, Rosemary heads back home to admit she was wrong. She tells Lee at times she can be insensitive and selfish, but the real truth is she takes Lee for granted and apologizes for not giving him the respect he deserves. She calls him the best thing that has happened to her.

Frank tells Abigail that he broke into Carson’s room but was caught. Abigail warns Frank to not do that again. The two are interrupted by Carson, who finally reveals his backstory. He shows them a picture of his wife and tells them she died after fighting a long illness. He says his goal was to come to Hope Valley to start a brand new life and still has a hard time opening up about his past. Abigail thanks Carson for being so honest, but Frank leaves, still having his suspicions.

Elizabeth goes to the school to find Chad, Earl and their father cleaning up the vandalism. She also finds out that Ray fired his brother for putting his foot down on his work travel to stay home with his sons. Elizabeth assures him he will find work again in Hope Valley. She also grants permission for both Chad and Earl to come back to school. She is relieved to know that the boys and their father have also started opening up more about their mother’s absence.

Henry and Ray are surprised to see AJ and Bill back in town, especially when they had sent Dale to shoot them. Bill arrests both Ray and Henry on the spot, charging them with bribery, attempted murder and obstruction of justice. AJ also tells them that she has the ledgers, which will help incriminate the two men as well. Henry is willing to make a deal but Bill says he cannot make any promises with the judge. A desperate Ray draws his gun and Henry stands in the way. Bill then draws his own gun and orders Ray to drop his weapon.