Courageous Hearts

Chad and Earl get into a loud fight, where Earl tells his brother he doesn’t need him anymore. Their dad interrupts the fight and tells Earl to blame him for their mother leaving. He tells his sons that their mother left him, not them. All three end with a group hug.

Abigail finds Henry at a bar drinking and her suspicions are heightened when the mayor doesn’t want to discuss his relationship with Ray.

At Elizabeth’s house, she is helping Rosemary settle in for the night on the couch. She and Lee got into a big fight over Rosemary’s horrendous driving. Rosemary tells Elizabeth that Lee is treating her like one of his employees. Elizabeth takes Lee’s side, citing that not only did Rosemary almost crash his car, but she rarely gives Lee credit for all the nice things that he does. Rosemary begins to see the light and realizes how lucky she is to have Lee.

Frank breaks into Carson’s room, determined to find out what he is hiding. He gets caught red-handed by Carson himself. Frank confronts him head-on and tells Carson he wants to know his true identity and background. Carson dismisses the questions and tells Frank to leave.