Courageous Hearts

It is morning and Elizabeth and the kids begin their day, but are shocked to find it has been vandalized. Earl comments that the school looks like a pig sty and Elizabeth realizes the vandalism was caused by the Wyatt brothers. She expels both students when they refuse to apologize for their crime. She tells the rest of the students that they will be having class outside on the lawn.

Lee gets a new car and his next step is to teach Rosemary how to drive. She is surprised with how much harder it is to drive a car compared to riding a horse.

Chad and Earl’s brother stops by the school and feels awful about the damage his sons caused. Elizabeth refuses his money to pay for the clean-up, asking that he instead deal with Earl and Chad’s angry behavior. She recommends that he address his wife’s abandonment of the family, or Earl will only get worse.

Bill finally finds the ledgers but before he can celebrate, AJ pulls a gun on him and demands he give them to her. He challenges her to pull the trigger, but she chickens out and he takes the gun from her hands. Before the two can get any louder in their fighting, Bill spots Ray’s henchman, Dale in the distance. They team up to lure Dale into a trap and when they corner him, Bill punches him square in the face and the two escape!