Courageous Hearts

Back in the woods, Bill and AJ are having a hard time finding the exact location to where she buried the ledgers. They are caught off guard by a man who recognizes AJ’s face from a flyer he picked up at the bank, where there is a reward to bring her to justice. The man orders AJ to tie up Bill, but the two hatch a nonverbal plan, where she ends up punching the wannabe bounty hunter, knocking him out.

After school, Elizabeth witnesses Cody invite Chad over for dinner. Chad gets excited until he remembers he has to fish with his older brother. Earl tells both Chad and Elizabeth to leave them alone. When Elizabeth tells Chad that it is okay to stand up to his brother, Earl intervenes and grabs his brother and they both leave.

Ray finds a moment alone with Abigail and offers up a deal: he will close the commissary if she pays him 20 percent of her take home from the café. Abigail has a better idea: she tells him to leave. Later on, Elizabeth stops by and they both vent about their run-ins with Ray. Their conversation is interrupted when Elizabeth notices a newspaper story about an ambush in the northern territory, where two Mounties were killed. Abigail tells Elizabeth that she is going to see a lot of stories like this in the newspaper. All Elizabeth wants is for Jack to come home.