Coming Together, Coming Apart

As the rain falls in Hope Valley, Henry Gowen sits on his balcony, glowering over the town. Behind him, Dottie emerges and he immediately asks her about a pending bank loan. She nervously replies that the bank denied the loan due to his lack of collateral. The news infuriates Henry and he angrily instructs Dottie to deliver a message, not to the bank, but to Abigail. Later that day Dottie and Abigail talk about the situation. Dottie tells her that Henry is like a caged animal and very dangerous. Ominously, Dottie tells Abigail, “You're going to be very sorry if you don't sell this place.”

In Hamilton, Elizabeth and Charles sit together playing the piano. As the two friends talk, Elizabeth turns the conversation towards a more serious tone. Despite their friendship, Elizabeth feels that she can no longer continue to lead him on. But before she can finish, Charles interrupts her saying that while he understands, he is the one who must decide when he is ready to consider other options.

As they enter the train station, Jack and Elizabeth are relieved and hopeful that their siblings can stay out of trouble, but Elizabeth goes one step further, saying trouble seems to follow Tom. The tone irritates Jack and he angrily defends his brother and accuses Elizabeth and her family of being elitist. Jack then reveals that William offered him a job. Elizabeth thinks the news is great and a sign of her father’s acceptance of Jack. Jack feels the opposite and thinks it’s a move by her family to change him in order to fit into their family and high society. Elizabeth protests, saying she’s never asked him to do such a thing. Frustrated, Jack walks away to take his coach seat on the train. Elizabeth offers him accommodation in her first class compartment, but he refuses, saying, “I’ve got some thinking to do on the ride home.”

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