Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Coming Together, Coming Apart

At the Hamilton dress shop, Julie, surrounded by her sisters, is being fitted for a new gown. While the seamstress alters, the sisters talk about Julie’s predicament. Julie insists she’s over the entire affair and Tom. She even remarks that she should have listened to Elizabeth and Viola’s advice from the beginning. The news falls on the skeptical ears of both Elizabeth and Viola.

At a table in the Hope Valley Saloon, Mr. Gowen talks with Roger Tower about the sale of one of the valley’s more profitable business. While Mr. Tower looks over documents, he asks why Gowen is so interested in selling. It’s then Gowen reveals the business he wants to sell is Abigail’s café. He says that he and Ms. Stanton “no longer see eye to eye on many aspects of running the café.” Mr. Tower is satisfied with the answer and, barring any problems with the inspection, will in short order be ready to pay Gowen and Abigail for the café.

Later that day Gowen tries to convince an unaware Abigail to sell her cafe. The deal Gowen struck will net them 3-times the value of their initial investment but Abigail is unmoved and refuses to sell. What’s more, she is suspicious of Gowen’s motives, given his stinging poker loss to Lee Coulter. Gowen then threatens Abigail, promising she will regret turning down his offer. Abigail boldly responds, ”If that's a threat, Mr. Gowen, might I suggest you don't cross the people who prepare your food.”