Coming Together, Coming Apart

In Hamilton, Julie Thatcher frantically races through her room, throwing her clothes into a suitcase. She’s interrupted when Elizabeth knocks on the door, forcing her to hurriedly stow the suitcase under the bed. Elizabeth enters and immediately demands Julie tell her who was driving the car at the time of the accident. Julie nervously tries to change topic but all that ends when Elizabeth reveals that Jack’s evidence proves Julie was behind the wheel. The sisters begin to argue, with Elizabeth insisting that Julie come clean to their father. Julie pleads, saying their father will only get mad and won’t listen to her story. Furious, Elizabeth shouts that Julie must force their father to listen.

Across town Bill Avery sits in Nora’s father Jonas’ small apartment. Weakened by a long illness, Jonas is still full of life. Jonas laughs as he and Bill fondly reminisce, but the laugh quickly turns into a cough. Nora runs to his side, as the old man waves his arms and claims he’s fine. Needing the rest, Jonas excuses himself, giving Bill and Nora a chance to talk. While Nora thinks she and Bill are reconciling, Bill is not yet ready to let the past go. He tells her how hard it was to lose a son, even one that wasn’t his blood. The pain was made worse by Nora’s leaving him. Nora says she did what she had to do and Bill doesn’t disagree. But in his mind, the pain of their son’s death was something they needed to experience together.