Change of Heart

Out at the lake, Cody and Abigail arrive and find Frank fishing alone. Both Abigail and Frank realize they’ve been set-up and Cody leaves them to talk through their problems. They both reveal that despite the fight, they both deeply care for each other. And, thanks to a little help from Cody, Abigail and Frank finally kiss and make up.

Back in town Jack and Elizabeth enjoy and afternoon walk together. Before heading to the saloon for dinner, Elizabeth stops off at her classroom to grab her shawl. As she walks into her classroom she discovers a strange man writing on her chalkboard. Confused, she asks him why he is writing on her chalkboard. He tells her that he’s preparing for the next day’s lesson. Still confused, it becomes apparent to the man that Elizabeth is the last to know. He then informs her that he is her replacement.

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