Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Change of Heart

Nearby, Carson arrives at the infirmary to beg Faith for pain relieving medication. His earlier heroics left him with a possible broken rib but, instead of allowing his injury to heal, Carson immediately went back to working on the railroad. Faith tells him he needs to heal on his own but, fearing he’ll lose his job at the railroad if he misses his shift, Carson tells Faith that he’s got no choice but to work through his injuries. She tells him that there are other jobs in Hope Valley and suggests one that may be the perfect fit.

Back at the school house, an excited Phillip arrives with his father. He gives Elizabeth a big hug and asks her if he can finish his family tree. He runs to his desk to work on his assignment while Shane and Elizabeth talk. Since their last talk, Shane has acknowledged that he was still angry over the death of his wife and took it out on his son. He’s committed for making up for the mistakes of the past and determined to be a good father. Elizabeth suggests he start by giving his son a hug. Shane smiles and walks towards his son. He kneels down and opens his arms. Philip immediately falls into his father’s arms and the two embrace.

Later that afternoon at the café Carson arrives to inquire about the job as Abigail’s cook. He does have experience as a cook and, along with Faith’s recommendation, seems like a good fit for the café. As Abigail continues the interview, Cody arrives home from school and asks if they can go fishing. With no one to run the kitchen, Abigail starts to say no but, before she can, Carson offers to fill in. Not wanting to disappoint Cody, Abigail offers Carson the job and welcomes him to Hope Valley.