Change of Heart

While Cody is off trying to patch things up between Abigail and Frank, his earlier mistake is beginning to bear fruit. As Rosemary glances out of her window, she catches sight of Murphy and Katie finally talking to each other. She points out the two lovebirds to Lee and tells him to have more faith in his wife’s skills as a matchmaker. Lee points out that this all happened because of a mix-up, but Rosemary insists that love doesn’t make mistakes.

Later that night, as Frank makes his way through town, he notices something suspicious going on at the bank. He quickly realizes that the fugitive Tate brothers have Mr. Jenkins, the bank manager, at gunpoint and are leading him into the bank. Frank rushes into the saloon to get Jack. Inside the bank, the Curtis Tate finds Ray and Bill counting out the railroad’s payroll. Curtis orders both men to fill their bags with the cash. Outside the bank, Glen Tate stands watch when he notices his old friend Matt Landry. Unaware that Matt Landry is now Frank Hogan, Glen is caught completely off guard when Frank punches him to the ground. The commotion attracts Curtis’ attention long enough for Bill to get the drop on him, foiling the heist.

The next morning, the would-be heist is the talk of the town. As Elizabeth recounts the story to Abigail, she reveals that Jack couldn’t have stopped the Tate brothers without Frank’s help. As the talk, Florence approaches and interrupts with the news that newly re-installed mayor Gowen has waived all the taxes for the railroad. On hearing the news, Abigail rushes off to confront Henry. She storms into his office and finds Henry cheerfully talking with Ray Wyatt. Abigail immediately realizes that the two men meeting is likely no coincidence. Abigail offers Henry a stern warning to be careful with his next moves.

Outside the café Rosemary runs into Cody and eagerly asks how the chocolate delivery went. It turns out that Cody left the chocolates on the baseball field and his friend Robert found them and ate them. Rosemary laughs it off and the two agree to come up with a third option together.