Tuesday December 25 8:00 PM / 7:00c

Change of Heart

The next morning, Cody catches up with Pastor Frank, who’s helping Murphy load a nearby wagon. Cody sees his opportunity and sneaks the love poem into the jacket that’s hanging on the wagon. Unfortunately, the jacket belongs to Murphy and not pastor Frank. After loading the wagon, Murphy turns to head back to the mill. But not before noticing Katie standing outside the Mercantile. He smiles at Katie then slips on his jacket. Just then Murphy finds the note stuffed in his pocket and begins to read. Assuming the note is from Katie, Murphy speeds through the town in a state of utter glee. He happens across Rosemary and Lee and joyfully tells them about the poem and that he believes it came from Katie. Rosemary immediately recognizes the words and realizes the mix-up. When Murphy leaves, Rosemary fills Lee in on the mix-up and he orders her to fix it.

At the schoolhouse, as Elizabeth sends the children home for the day, she discovers that Ray Wyatt is standing outside waiting to speak to her. She had earlier confronted Ray about the deal to cut the railroad’s taxes. Although initially annoyed by her outburst, Ray has since had second thoughts and has convinced the railroad to double the school budget. He tells her to consider it an investment in the students and in the future of Hope Valley.

Behind the café, Rosemary and Cody regroup after the earlier mix-up with the love note. Rosemary has a new idea to help Frank and Abigail mend their relationship. This time she gives Cody a box of chocolates and instructs him to leave them on Frank’s doorstep and he will think they are from Abigail. Cody loves the idea and grabs the box to go start the new plan.