Change of Heart

Out at the schoolhouse, Elizabeth’s students are busy working drawing family tree’s. As Elizabeth watches over the class, she notices that Phillip left his mother out of his family tree. He explains that he left out his mother because she died. She tries to reassure him that he can still include his mother, but the conversation makes Phillip uncomfortable and he tells Elizabeth that he doesn’t want to do the tree anymore. Elizabeth sends the other students to recess so she can talk more with Phillip. During their talk, Philip reveals that his mother died during childbirth. He tells Elizabeth that it’s his fault his mother died and that it’s also why his father doesn’t love him. Elizabeth tries to assure him that it was not his fault but Phillip is done talking and instead goes off to play with the other children.

Later in the day, Elizabeth arrives at the construction site to talk with Shane about Phillip’s feelings. Shane becomes angry at Elizabeth for suggesting that Phillip feels responsible for his mother’s death and he certainly would never say something like that to his son. He tells Elizabeth that he should have never placed Phillip in school in the first place and walks away. Later that evening, after searching the campsite, Elizabeth finds Shane in the saloon. She again presses him about his relationship with his son. She urges Shane to truly acknowledge that Phillip wasn’t responsible for his mother’s death. She also reminds him that Phillip still desperately needs his father. Unmoved, Shane bids Elizabeth a goodnight and leaves.

Back in town, Abigail returns to the Mayor’s office to find Henry Gowen sitting at her desk. He tells Abigail that her time as mayor is over as Henry’s just received word that the investigation against him has been suspended and all charges have been dropped. The news leaves Abigail stunned and at a loss for words.