Change of Heart

Back at the saloon, Jack and Doug catch up. Doug admits to Jack how surprised he was to learn that he’d had turned down the opportunity to lead a squad North. But, having met Elizabeth, Doug understands the reasons Jack had for staying in Hope Valley. Hoping to spend more time with his friend, Jack invites Doug to dinner that night.

The next morning, a hungry Lee Coulter comes downstairs and finds Rosemary working feverishly banging away on her typewriter. When he asks her for breakfast she tells him that she’s been so busy working on her advice column that she forgot about breakfast. Working at the café and hearing from all the townsfolk convinced Rosemary that the entire town desperately needs her advice. Just then she comes across a letter from one of Elizabeth’s students asking how to make two grown-ups not be mad at each other. After reading the letter it becomes clear that the letter is from Cody and that the grown-ups he’s talking about are Abigail and Frank.

Back in town, Jesse notices a man he’s never seen before loading supplies into a wagon. Jesse offers to give him a hand and introduces himself. The man declines Jesse’s offer of help but does introduces himself as Carson Shepard, a new employee at the railroad. Jesse leaves and Carson goes back to work loading the wagon. As he does, he hears someone yell “look out” as a runaway carriage barrels through the street. Carson turns and sees the carriage headed into the path of a small girl crossing the street. With no care for his own safety, he dashes for the girl, scooping her up just as the cart rolls past. His heroism immediately draws the attention from the town.

On his way to school, Cody heads to school, he is stopped by Rosemary, who tells him she knows he wrote the letter about Frank and Abigail. She also tells him that she’s pretty sure she’s got the trick to help Frank and Abigail. She hands him a romantic poem by one of her favorite poets and tells him to slip it into Frank’s jacket pocket. In return, he will think it is from Abigail and sparks will fly between them again. Cody is delighted by the idea and hurries off to put the plan into action.