Awakenings & Revelations

On the day of the ice cream social a smartly dress Luke McCoy arrives at the Café to pick up Clara. Abigail greets him and invites him to sit down. She sits adjacent from him and politely asks the questions any mother would ask a boy taking out her daughter. As they talk Luke is taken aback as Clara makes her entrance. He presents her with a bouquet of daisies and the two head off to the social.

Later that night, Rosemary leads Lee to a makeshift stage in the woods. Since her earlier episode in Lee’s office, Rosemary has been quietly gathering pieces for a stage, a Victrola and other pieces for a special performance. Rosemary sits Lee down and takes the stage. In a stunning blue dress, Rosemary gives Lee a show-stopping performance. Less is thoroughly impressed by the performance. So much so, when Rosemary asks if he’ll build her a theatre, Lee feels to compelled to agree.

The next morning, Charles, now packed and ready to return home, walks towards the waiting coach with Elizabeth. As they say their farewells, the nature of their relationship has changed. Thanks to the new contract with the sawmill, Charles will be back from time to time, but it’s now clear to him that Elizabeth’s heart belongs to Jack and Hope Valley. As they talk, Jack and Bill leave the jail. They happen to see Elizabeth kiss Charles goodbye. The kiss stuns Jack and Bill remarks the he thought they were just friends. Jack’s so shocked he can’t speak and only looks at Elizabeth, who has no idea what he’s seen.

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