Awakenings & Revelations

In the woods outside Hope Valley, Bill talks with the shady men who rode into town earlier. The men hand him a large stack of money and metal plates and tell him they hit six towns including Hope Valley. Bill turns to place the money and plates into his saddlebag and, as he does, hears the click of a cocked gun. Bill turns and sees one of the counterfeiters aiming a gun at his head. Just then the sound of a galloping horse rumbles towards the trio. Jack has arrived, and he takes the opportunity to knock one of the counterfeiters to the ground. As he wrestles another attacker to the ground, a shot is fired and Bill goes down. As the counterfeiter regains control of his weapon, Jack pulls his pistol, cocking the hammer at the man head. Despite Jack’s heroics, Bill chastises him for intruding into his affairs and blowing his cover. Jack reminds Bill that if he hadn’t arrived when he did, Bill would be dead. Jack’s horse rears, and angrily Jack rides off.

Back in town, Charles’ motives for coming to Hope Valley are becoming clearer. As he and Elizabeth tour Hope valley, he presses her about the decision to teach on the frontier, away from family, friends and the life she knew. Steadfast in her decision, Elizabeth insists the hard working people of Hope Valley value her for her work and not because of who she is. He then tries to place doubt about a future with a Mountie. His attempts are in vain and Elizabeth insists that she’s aware of the danger and willing to accept it.

Later in the day Charles takes a moment to talk with Jack. Despite everything he has, Charles can’t seem to understand why Elizabeth still prefers Jack. Through an appreciation of fishing, Jack explains that being an ordinary, everyday man is all that’s needed. Realizing that he can’t compete for Elizabeth’s heart, Charles thanks Jack for his advice and walks off.