Awakenings & Revelations

In the café, Abigail and Clara chat over a cup of tea. It’s clear that Clara is concerned that dating would be disrespectful to Peter’s memory. But, as Abigail explains, Clara must overcome her feelings of guilt and accept that Peter wouldn’t have wanted her to spend the rest of her life alone. Clara then concedes that she’s also concerned for Abigail’s feelings, not just because she’s Peter’s mother, but because she’s also been a mother to her. In her motherly way, Abigail thanks Clara for her concern and says it’s fine by her if Clara wants to go to the social with Luke.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Charles take a gingerly stroll though Hope Valley. Earlier in the day Charles surprised Elizabeth by showing up unannounced at the schoolhouse. Charles insists he’s in town for purely business purposes, but Elizabeth has her doubts. As she presses him for more information, Lee Coulter bounds out of his office, calling Charles by name. It turns out that Mr. Thatcher’s shipping company is one of Lee’s first big contracts. Knowing that her father is involved makes it clear that it’s no coincidence Charles has shown up in Hope Valley.