Awakenings & Revelations

As a busy secretary leaves the sawmill main office, an irritated and determined Rosemary Levoux makes her entrance. Incensed by a glowing review of a fellow actress, Rosemary’s come to Lee for support in her dream to build a theatre. Lee tries to explain that he needs to focus on his business and new contracts, but Rosemary will hear none of it. In a fit she storms out of Lee’s office leaving him to remark, “That woman could give a pack of wild horses a run for their money.”

Earlier in the day Clara announced to Abigail and Elizabeth that she had rejected Luke McCoy’s invitation to the ice cream social. The move both confuses and concerns Abigail. Searching for guidance, Abigail seeks the advice of Pastor Frank. Abigail‘s concerned that Clara is rejecting Luke’s out of concern for Peter’s memory. Abigail admits that she’s also conflicted, wanting Clara to be happy while feeling a maternal instinct to protect her young daughter-in-law. Pastor Frank feels Peter’s memory isn’t what's causing Clara's feeling, but instead suggests Clara is far more concerned about hurting Abigail. He advises Abigail let Clara know she’s okay with her dating, then to stand back and hope for the best.

Back on Main Street Bill Avery leans against a railing as he eyes two men dismounting their horses. Out of the corner of this eye he sees Jack approaching with a $5 bill in his hand. The bill, Jack explains, in a counterfeit note the banker just turned in. The banker wasn’t able to get a description of the man who passed the bill, but Jack’s heading to alert the other merchants. Bill sternly tells Jack he’ll handle the investigation and Jack should focus on his duties in town. Jack feels slighted and asks Bill if he’s suddenly developed a problem with him. Irritated, Bill says that if Jack keeps badgering him then they will have a problem. Confused and stunned, Jack stands and watches as Bill walks off.