A Time to Speak

Across town, Abigail enters the saloon to speak with Florence about Pastor Hogan. When Abigail mentions Frank’s name the other women immediately look away. Florence explains that Pastor Hogan was fired after Mayor Gowen called a secret meeting of the Pastoral Committee. Incensed, Abigail storms across the bar to confront Mayor Gowen. Abigail demands that the actions against Frank be undone, but Gowen is unmoved. Abigail runs to the church to speak with Frank but he’s packed his belongings and left. The next night Abigail finds Frank at a small camp in the woods outside Hope Valley. She compels Frank to go back and tell his story to the townsfolk

The next day, in front of a packed congregation, Frank stands at the pulpit to deliver his apology and farewell. In his speech Frank explains how his shortcomings as Matt Landry led the man before them to become pastor Frank Hogan. After speaking, Frank prepares to leave again but, before he can, Abigail demands that the community vote on whether to keep Frank as their pastor or to fire him. One by one, Dottie Ramsey, Mayor Gowen and the other members of the Pastoral Committee rise and give Frank their vote of confidence.

After voting, the congregation leaves the church to continue about their day. At the side of the church Frank and Abigail discuss the new beginning for themselves and the town. Unbeknownst to them, off in the woods, a group of men is watching the gathering with great interest. Based on what the can see, Matt Landry won’t be returning to the Garrison gang. The news is especially bad for Jesse, who promised on his life that he could deliver Matt Landry.

Across town, Lee walks into his office to find Rosemary looking over documents. Despite a series of belt tightening ideas, she is still concerned that Lee’s business is failing. With the budget cuts not helping, Rosemary has no choice but to confront Lee about his situation. It turns out that the loan application is for an expansion of the sawmill and the overdue account at the mercantile was a simple oversight. The misunderstanding reveals to Rosemary that she was being selfish in demanding Lee build her a new theatre. But more importantly, her selfless actions showed Lee just how much Rosemary cares for him. Looking into her eyes Lee tells Rosemary that she’s the most important thing in his life, and then he kisses her tenderly.

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