A Time to Speak

At the schoolhouse, Jack arrives with some troubling news. Before the events surrounding Frank, the pastor had planned the boys’ camping trip. Now that parents have found out about Frank’s past, many of them do not want their children to go on the trip. Fortunately Jack has graciously volunteered to fill in and take the boys camping. But, as Jack makes the announcement in front of Elizabeth’s students, another problem surfaces. The trip is only for the boys and many of the girls don’t see why they can’t go. Jack casually explains that maybe they can go next time but his response doesn’t sit well with Elizabeth of the girls.

The next day, as the boys arrive at their campsite, they find they are not alone. Unmoved by Jack’s dismissal of the girl’s camping trip, Elizabeth took the initiative and organized a girls’ campout. Unfortunately for Jack and the boys, Elizabeth’s troop arrived first and set up camp in a prime clearing.

Back in town Abigail enters the church and finds Frank packing his belongings. Stone faced, she asks where he will go. He tells her that he’s boarding a boat for place where no one knows Frank Hogan or Matt Landry. The answer is unacceptable and Abigail forcefully tells him that he is meant to be Hope Valley’s pastor. Frank rebuffs her and says that not a soul in town wants him to stay. But he’s wrong. Abigail wants him to stay and after thinking about it, she’s again sure that she will stand by his side. She begs Frank to stay and fight to convince the townsfolk that he or anyone is deserving of a second chance. She tells him that she will stand with him before handing him a Bible and telling him to pray for guidance.

As night falls across Hope Valley, Mr. Logan, the insurance representative handling Ms. Ramsey’s claim, bursts into the jail in search of the constable. With Jack out camping with the boys, Bill sits and eagerly listens as Mr. Logan gives a description of his stolen briefcase. As Mr. Logan talks, Bill pulls the briefcase from behind the desk and then describes the interesting reading material he found inside. The papers detail Mr. Logan’s scheme where beneficiaries sign “release forms” that transfer their benefits to Mr. Logan. He would then pay a small cash amount to the widow and keep the lump sum for himself. Since Bill isn’t a Mountie he can’t send Mr. Logan to prison but, as Bill explains, “there's a lot of worse places he can send him.” Bill then instructs Mr. Logan to write Dottie Ramsey a check for her full benefit and to then go back to all the other victims of his scheme and return every cent he stole. He then reveals a pad with all the names of Mr. Logan’s victims written down and tells him, “I'll know if you don't.”