A Time to Speak

Inside the café Abigail and Clara sit and talk about the recent turn of events. Clara had taken a shine to Jesse, but she’s left stunned at the news that he’s a criminal. What’s more, Jesse didn’t show up for work and Jack has been unable to find him. Abigail does her best to console Clara, who like Abigail, has lost a husband and now finds herself with feelings for a liar and a criminal.

Outside, as Frank Hogan makes his way through town, he is greeted with scornful eyes and cold-shoulders. As he walks, Bill approaches and begins asking about Frank’s time with the gang and about the murder of his friend. Frank explains that he only did a few jobs for the gang before getting caught and sent to prison. Jack then asks if Jesse could have been involved in the gang’s attack on Mayor Ramsey. Despite all the trouble he’s caused, Frank vouches for Jesse being in Hope Valley at the time of the murder.

Nearby, Rosemary is filled with worry about Lee’s financial situation. His account at the mercantile is overdue and Rosemary inadvertently stumbled on a loan application in Lee’s name. She presses Hickam for more information about Lee’s financials, but he either doesn’t know or won’t tell her. He does venture to guess that Lee may need the loan to cover the cost of the theatre. The information gives Rosemary a new idea. Later, while Lee is hard at work, Rosemary proposes that she help Lee economize his operation to improve his bottom line. Lee is uncertain at first, but he hands Rosemary his spending records anyway.

In a clearing outside of town, 3 members of the Garrison gang sit by a fire. The sound of a twig snapping stirs the gang and they all leap to their feet with their guns drawn. Just then, a bird-like whistle echoes through the trees and Jesse appears on horseback. He tells the men that Matt’s secret has been revealed to the town. With their plan going accordingly, it should only be a matter of before Matt is forced out of Hope Valley. Jesse is not so sure and suspects that Matt won’t turn back to a life of crime. And, since Matt already taught Jesse everything he knows about blowing up a safe, Jesse suggests that he can take Matt’s place. The gang is unconvinced and warns Jesse that if he doesn’t bring his friend Matt back, they will kill him.